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Nose Work / Scent Work

The dog's nose is an amazing organ. One of the senses most used by dogs. A dog can have up to 300 million olfactory receptors compared to the human's 5 million. The ability to distinguish scents and trace them back to their origin is an astonishing ability we humans do not have. 

A dog that is sniffing is using their brain which means they are burning energy. It is the ultimate enrichment for any dog.

Our course is designed to meet the needs of the average family pet. The course is not intended to prepare dogs for competitions.


Benefits for your dog:

  • exciting and fun games for the dog

  • burning energy without the physical exercise

  • confidence booster for your dog

  • great for shy, fearful and reactive dogs

  • relationship building

Read more about a dog's nose here:

blood vessels dog nose.webp


Our Introduction Class will provide you the basics of how dogs use their nose to find scents, how scent is affected by the environment and to read your dog's body language.

Bring to class:

  • Lots of small, high value (moist) treats your dog loves.

  • Favorite toy

  • Flat collar, martingale or  harness. (no prong, choke or e-collars allowed)

  • 6ft leash or longer (no retractable) - some exercises may be off-leash

Vaccination requirements:

Proof of one DHPP vaccine 

There are no make-up classes.

For dogs 16 weeks or older

Class Duration/Cost:

  • 5 weeks 

  • 4 students per class.

  • Average of 3 searches of max 5 minutes per dog per search

  • Dogs take turns searching. Dogs not searching remain either in the owner's car or in our office (if dog is friendly with other dogs.


Dates and Times:

Saturday: February 25 - April 1 2023 at 3:30 pm. No class March 18.