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Online Sensory Den

Stimulating Senses through exploration and relaxation

in the comfort of your home!

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Many dogs struggle to navigate their lives in our very chaotic human world. On many occasions their needs are not sufficiently met due to circumstances out of our control. The Sensory Den is the ultimate option for your dog to relax. The Sensory Den is a safe space.


Smell is the dog’s most prominent sense. In the Sensory Den we provide your dog the opportunity to explore through mental enrichment in combination of smelling, hearing, tasting, touching and seeing. The Sensory Den is designed for dogs who are anxious, fearful, stressed, elderly and those who are recovering from an injury or who had surgery (limited physical exercise) but in all honesty any dog will enjoy sniffing, exploring and adventure through the maze of mental stimulation.

Dog Snout


For the owner it is simply observing and learning more about your dog such as preferences and motivation. Your dog has the opportunity to make choices which helps build confidence. They will learn to think, weigh their options, try new things and relax. The goal is to meet their needs to fulfill using all their senses.

Online Sensory Den Session

A Sensory Den session is 45 minutes private session in the comfort of your home. When you sign up we will provide you a list of items you can use for the Sensory Den in your home. We will briefly have a chat before the session starts and we will provide feedback during and after the session of what your dog is experiencing and what may need to be adjusted or added if needed. 

Price: $150 (via Zoom)

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