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Here are some of our reviews. 

Cute Puppy


Excellent curriculum and trainers! My puppy Jim has attended PuppyGarten2, Manners 1, and Manners 2 with Kimberly. Classes are kept small so each dog and handler get enough attention with the instructor and to keep class at a good pace.

South Bay Dog Training is a positive reinforcement (R+) only training facility. As a result of these classes, my partner and I have a solid understanding in how to communicate with our dog through a positive-reinforcement enforced contract and our bond with Jim has really strengthened. Jim now reliably knows some cool and really essential skills like sit, stay, down, recall, body handling, loose leash walking, look at me, and more. Most of all, we feel that this foundational coursework has set us up well for supporting Jim in the rest of his good boi journey for life.

Special shout-out to Kimberly who is absolutely lovely! She brings awesome energy to class and has always been so thoughtful and helpful with all of our questions during and outside of class. Jim always loved seeing her and puppy classes were definitely a highlight of his week.


Kimberly and Nathalie are fantastic trainers. My goldendoodle / labradoodle gets more excited when we pull up for class and socials than getting her favorite treats. Their positive based training has benefited my dog immensely, and me as a newbie dog mom.



Nathalie has been exactly the kind of trainer that we needed for our Benson. He is shy around new things and southbay camp has helped him be more confident. Nathalie works with him and he truly loves being with her and his “friends “.


Excellent class, modern training methods backed by science and conducted by certified professionals.

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