Day Camp

Day Camp is supervised playtime and basic obedience training with a certified dog trainer in one. Puppies will learn great boundaries and skills. We will have puppies of all sizes, ages and breeds. Day Training will help them grow into a confident dog from puppyhood to teenage hood. 

Behaviors we cover:

  • sit, down, stay, recall

  • manners: not jumping up, calming down, drop & leave it

  • specialty behaviors (veterinary handling, grooming, medical equipment, obstacles, house and crate training)

  • social skills (during play)

  • other typically puppy behaviors

  • for our shy dogs growing confidence in a new environment

Things we do in 6 hours: 

Socialize and train.


We will focus on reinforcing good behaviors during the playtime and provide a positive environment and encounters with new people and other dogs.

Commitment requirement:

One day a week is minimum requirement on a month to month basis.


Day Camp is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10-4 pm (6 hours) with breaks for all dogs.



$100 per day