Loose Leash Walking/Recall Class

This is a four week course that will cover BOTH loose leash walking and recall (coming when called).  In the first two classes, we will focus on recall and give you the necessary tools to get your dog's attention and encourage them to come to you when you ask.  We will use fun games to make the training process enjoyable for both you and your dog.


Are you no longer enjoying walks with your dog?  Are you being pulled this way and that?  Your walk with your dog is only as good as your technique.  Equipment like no pull harnesses, Gentle Leaders and martingale collars are all great tools that are meant to aid in your walks while you and your pup are learning to walk nicely on a leash and to keep your dog safe and comfortable.  The loose leash walk technique you will learn in this workshop will take you from training your dog to check in often with you first with little distractions in our training center and then out in a park where we will practice what you've learned in a more distracting environment.

*IMPORTANT! This class is NOT for reactive dogs that are growly towards other people and dogs.  This workshop is for dogs that are comfortable in a class environment.  If you have a reactive dog, go to our GROWLY DOG page and see if our reactive dog class is right for you.

Bring to class:

  • Lots of small, high value (moist) treats your dog loves

  • Favorite toy

  • Water

  • Flat collar, martingale or harness (no prong, choke or e-collars allowed)

  • 6ft leash (no retractable) 

Vaccination requirements:

Proof of one DHPP vaccine 

There are no make-up classes.

For dogs 6 months or older

Class Duration/Cost:

4 Weeks/50 minute classes/$200




Low Stress Handling


Fear Free Handling

This Workshop will help you understand stress, anxiety and fear in your dog. We will focus on body language, stress levels and the steps you can take to help your dog experience stressful situations in a less stressful way. 


Level 1:

Without pets. Introduction to low stress handling. 

  • Introduction to low stress handling in Veterinary visit situation, grooming situation and at home care (tooth brushing, hair brushing, etc)

  • body language information (what is your dog saying)

  • training plans

  • videos

  • medication for anxiety, stress and fear

2 hour workshop: 15 minute break

Coffee, Tea and Water provided

Auditory spots only: presentation at the center


​​Level 2:

Turning education into real life setting. Bring your dog and start the foundation of fear free handling techniques. Learn and understand what it takes to help your dog to meet their needs and wants and not meet ours. 

Working spots available to dogs that are not reactive to other dogs. ​

Working spots: with your dog *please contact us for eligibility

Auditory spots: at the center

Bouncy Dog